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Black Rainbow Resoles 

Black Rainbow Resoles is Las Vegas Nevada's premier climbing shoe resoler. Black Rainbow originated from the high standards, ethics and training of Brian McCray, founder of Fly'n Brian's Resoles. Climbing shoe designs are constantly changing and at Black Rainbow we continue to evolve with the modern day technology we are seeing in the latest models.  


From start to finish we take great care and pride in the finest detail work on your climbing and approach shoe repairs. We use only premium name brand rubber, adhesives, and materials. All of our meticulously maintined resoling equipment is state of the art and calibrated on a daily basis.   


Our goal is to return your shoes with the same out of the box shape, size and camber as the day you purchased them. Each pair that leaves the shop must meet our strict level of quality control and is carefully inspected to ensure the highest level of quality craftsmanship is attained. Black Rainbow Resoles is also a proud partner of Lunas Recycling here. Lunas generously takes all of our trimmings and excess rubber and recycles it all so your soul can rest assured that your old soles aren't being thrown into a landfill.   

Cutting Edge Resoling Technology
 High Professional Standards
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