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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the turnaround time?

Turn around time varies. We try to get all of our clients shoes returned as quickly as possible. We will keep an updated timeframe on our home page for you to see where we stand at the given time. If you need them rushed please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs as best we can.

How do I ship my shoes?

If you've never had resoles done this is how it works and what to do. ALL SHIPPING OF SHOES TO BE RESOLED MUST BE SHIPPED TO: BLACK RAINBOW RESOLES 1705 DIAMOND OAKS CT LAS VEGAS, NV 89117. Simply place an order online on our secure online PLACE ORDER PAGE or feel free to just send them to the address above with a note with the following attached in the note: YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER AND RUBBER PREFERENCE. That's it. We will then assess your repairs to be rendered and send you an invoice via email which you can pay online. It's that simple. You will almost always be notified that we received your shoes but if you don't, don't panic! We receive around a dozen pairs a day and we don't always email or call unless you place an order online in our store. If you ever have any questions on your shipped shoes to be resoled, always feel free to call us or shoot us an email and we'll be sure to get in touch with you to hash out any details. 

How can I tell if my rands need replaced?

Just because there isn't a hole in the rand, it doesn't mean you don't need a rand job. Unfortunately about 60% of all of our resoles need rand repair. This is due to the climber climbing in their shoes once the sole is worn into/past the glue line (where your sole meets the rand). Always stop climbing in your shoes once they are starting to show wear at this glue line. Another way to tell is to take your finger and run it over the front of the rand of the shoe paying close attention to the toe area. If you feel that the rand is thin and soft, you will likely be needing a rand repair. If you're still unsure, just send in your shoes and we will always give you an honest and professional opinion when it comes to any of our services rendered. Our customers satisfaction is always our main objective and we always strive to retain your shoes original rand. 

Can I just replace just the rands?

No. In order to remove and replace rands we must first remove the sole of your shoe. This is why it is so important to make sure if rand replacement is necessary when replacing only half soles. We hate having to hear that your shoes wore through the rand once a half sole job was done. 

Will my shoes fit differently after being resoled?

Even when only repairing half soles the shoe may fit ever so slightly different. We work extrmeley hard and dilligently  to keep your shoes fitting your feet the way they did before you sent them in to us to the best of our ability. We understand how important this is as resolers and as climbers. 

Which rubber should I use on my new resoles?

This is clearly a matter of opinion. And in our not so humble opinion it is Stealth C4! But we carry Stealth Onyx, Vibram XS Edge and XS Grip as well. We honestly feel as long time climbers that Stealth has a bit of an edge on the friction department. Does it hold up as long as Vibram? This depends immensely on your footwork.  Black Rainbow Resoles is an Official Five Ten Stealth Rubber Tester and Authorized Five Ten Resoler that truly does test all of the compounds listed below in conditions that vary from frozen granite of the Howser Towers, polished El Cap routes, slippery multi-pitch limestone,  to massive desert free walls. So here is how we break it down in terms of each compound:


Stealth C4 - The best friction to life span ratio hands down. We at Black Rainbow Resoles firmly believe that C4 is the stickiest rubber on the market. It holds an edge on dimes, smears like no other, and holds up well enough to sacrifice the shelf life compared to Vibram.

Stealth Onyxx - Onyxx was first introduced from Five Ten on their much missed Galileo model. With a durometer that truly edges as well as it smears, Onyxx is a great choice for the all around climber as well as the climber seeking some extra longevity in their resoles. The only gripe we've had with this compound in our testing has been that it can feel a bit hard in colder temperatures.   


Vibram XS Edge - XS Edge was created for the TC Pro model by La Sportiva. It is meant for dime edge work on tiny crystals and micro nothings and does that just fine. We think that is a bit less sticky than XS Grip but it lasts the longest in the Vibram lineup.


Vibram XS Grip 2 - XS Grip 2 is La Sportive's choice for their flag ship model Solutions. It has about the same wear rate as C4 but we feel it is not as sticky. However it does do a multitude of disciplines well and we feel that it is a top choice rubber that can be used to equal aplomb on any climbers quiver of shoes.  


If these descriptions don't help you make up your mind for which rubber to chose from on your new resoles, please feel free to call us at (702)-526-2093 to discuss further questions or just leave the decision up to us and we'll slap C4 on them!  

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