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Our Ethos
At Black Rainbow Resoles, high quality craftsmanship is our primary objective. We test all of our processes in the field and we take extreme care to ensure all of our resoles retain their unique shape, size and camber. We have high professional standards for our finished products and take great pride and intricate care in the resoling process on every pair of shoes. All of our tools, equipment, glues and rubber are state of the art and our shop is kept laboratory clean to ensure no contamination or debris interferes with bonding of your new rands or soles. We use Landis and custom machined presses to assure that proper compression is achieved. 

Black Rainbow Resoles is dedicted to the legacy of               Brian Lee McCray, previous owner and operator of Fly'n Brian's Resoles. Brian was the master of many trades and resoling climbing shoes was no exception. Under the mentoring of Brian, we had the privilege of learning the art of climbing shoe resoling from a true pioneer of the industry. Absolutley all of our work is carried out by the hands of Chad Umbel. We have no trainees or shop helpers. Chad's training began in 2006. He is absolutely obsessed with detail and quality in the resole process from adhesion, compression, fit, to finish work. 


Your satisfaction with our work is of the utmost importance. Professional rock shoe resoling is what we provide and we guarantee all of our work and always strive to the best of our ability to turn your shoes around as fast as possible. If you're not completely satisfied feel free to contact us via phone (702)-907-6143 or email 

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